Once Living

Apps for macOS and iOS, built in Portland, OR.

Once Living & Your Privacy

I value your right to user privacy. I believe that a core part of building a sustainable business is treating customers with respect and transparency. This document describes what data is collected when you use my apps or website, how it’s used, and who has access to it. Any changes or updates to this policy will be posted here.

If you have questions or feedback, please email me at marc@onceliving.com.


I collect anonymous data in order to improve my apps and sell advertisements. I do not collect or have access to private content you enter in my apps. I do not collect personal information that could be used to identify you. To the fullest extent possible I do not share or sell the data I collect to any third parties. Any data I do collect is transmitted and stored securely.


I collect information about how my apps and website are used in order to prioritize development and make improvements. This data is anonymous and limited to aggregated information about how the app is being used (for example, what percentage of users use a particular feature).

What I do not collect: I do not collect any data created or entered into the app by you. I do not collect personal information that could be used to identify you. I do not collect private data, such as location, microphone, camera, or keyboard input, or any other such data.

Analytics data is sent securely to Keen IO, and can only be accessed by myself. I do not sell or share analytics data with any third parties.

Crash Reports

You can opt-in to sharing diagnostics and crash reports through Apple. This data includes information about your device, the operating system, and what caused my app to crash. It does not include personal information about you or your data. I use this information to fix bugs and make my apps more reliable, and I do not share or sell it to any third parties.

You can learn more about how to enable or disable crash reports from this document.

Cloud Sync

Some of my apps include data sync using Apple’s CloudKit platform. CloudKit was chosen in part because it is engineered to keep your data private and secure. If enabled in the app, your data will be sent securely to Apple’s servers. By design, I do not have access to CloudKit data. It’s 100% private, and can be deleted at any time by turning off sync and following these instructions.


Some of my apps are supported by advertisements through Google’s AdMob platform. AdMob may use your device’s advertising identifier to increase the reach and impact of ads shown in the app. You can learn how to reset your advertising identifier here.

If you decide to purchase an ad-free upgrade in the app, no further data will be sent to AdMob.

Email List

I maintain an opt-in email list through MailChimp to announce news about my apps and company. I send emails to this list very infrequently, about once or twice a year. I do not share or sell your email address with third parties. I do not send emails on behalf of others, with the exception of announcing sales or promotions involving my own apps. I do not condone or send spam in any form. You are always able to opt-out of future emails at any time.

Document History

Jan 22nd, 2017: Initial revision.